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SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas has a special department just for Window Shutters.

​Our amazing Window Shutters Las Vegas division is know as Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas 

What type of Window Shutters do we have available for our Las Vegas consumer? 

​1. Plantation Shutters 

​2. Wooden Shutters 

​3. Roller Shades Shutters 

​4. Bi Fold Shutters 

​5. French Door Shutters with cut-out 

​6. Arch Shutters 

​7. Teak Shutters 

​8. Cedar Shutters 

​9. Polyvinyl Shutters 

What type of Warranty do we offer on our Shutters? 

Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas offers a lifetime warranty on all our Shutters Las Vegas products and installation. 

That means that any Shutters that you choose with our Las Vegas Shutters company will warranty against any factory defect as well as the installation that was provided by Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas.

Who does the shutters installation for Sun Off Shutters of Las Vegas? 

We are one of the few Las Vegas Shutters company that only let our own employees or the factory themselves install our products. And what that means is that we do not use sub-contractors to act as employees but are really another company that provide Las Vegas Shutters installation. There are some Shutters that the factory provides installation and we allow that only because that allows for the warranty to be non void making the customer protected to the max of the warranty ( LIFETIME WARRANTY ).

How do I contact your Shutters Department? 

Our Shutters Las Vegas service can be reached by multiple ways. You can go to the web site and send them a message at windowshutterslasvegas.com or you can just call us at Sun Off Shutters Of Las Vegas at 702-824-6444. 

​Or you can just push the call button to set up your free estimate with no obligation.