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If I Put A Solar Energy System On My Home In Port St Lucie Will It Make My Home More Valuable? 

Now to make it clear I'm not a professional real estate agent or a professional appraiser. So everything that I'm writing about is my personal opinion.

This question can be more complicated than it seems. On one hand, if I have installed a solar energy panel system on my home it should add more value simply because it's an expense that the next owner wouldn't have to do. And on top of that, solar energy power systems in Port St Lucie are getting quit popular. The other argument to that is, does the solar energy power panels system have maintenance requirements that would be costly in the future. And after calling Fidelity Solar Energy Of Port St Lucie it turn out that solar energy panels have next to no maintenance. In fact, if you buy a quality solar energy system like Panasonic you're likely to have a 25 year warranty that is also covered with a performance warranty. So if that is being put to rest we should look into what does solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie bring to home value. 

​According to Zillow, houses with solar panels sell for approximately 4 percent higher on average than homes without solar panel system. this means that if your home was worth $400,000 it could potentially make your home sell for around $416,000. So if we take that for what that might be worth. If we purchased a solar energy system in Port St Lucie for $30,000 you could be loosing $14,000 along the way (minus what you saved on power bills before you sold the home. This estimate cannot be exact but it's what we can go off. 

The one thing that we might miss here is that if your home has a solar energy panels system in Port St Lucie and you're putting it up for sale and there are similar homes in the area, it's likely your home will sell faster than the homes with out a solar energy power system. Now let's be clear that does not necessarily mean you're selling the house for more money in a down market, but it does mean you're able to sell when you need to. 

An addition, from what I believe I'm seeing. If I would purchase solar energy in Port St Lucie I would need to use my system for 10 to 15 years before I sell my home to break even (as long as the home has a value of about $400,000). The reason I say that is the amount of money I saved on my power bill plus what I might get extra for the home could equal to what I paid for the solar power system (but not necessarily as each home can be in a different situation). 

Now if we didn't go by what Zillow says and we went by what Ecowatch.com says the numbers make a little bit more sense. And here is what they posted on their website ''A few studies have shown that solar installations increase a home's resale value by up to $6k for each kilowatt of solar power panels installed. 

This would mean that solar energy power panels in Port St Lucie will bring back even more than what we thought before. And if so, if we lived in a home for 15 years and than sold it, it might just make sense.

​So lets talk about when can a solar energy power panel system in Port St Lucie make it harder to sell my Home. Yes it can happen. If you leased your solar energy system and you can't get out of the lease the new homeowner would have to agree to take over the lease of the solar energy power system that was installed on the roof.

If the company you leased the solar energy system would allow to relocate the system to your new home, that would be helpful in those situations. So you should definitely notice the lease terms on what would happen if you moved before the contract of the lease would come to it's end. 

My personal conclusion; If I purchased a solar energy panel system for my home in Port St Lucie Florida, I would want to make sure that I plan to live there for at least 20 years. It's also imperative that the solar energy power system that I would purchase had a 25 year performance warranty guaranteeing me the best return on my money. 

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