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Although many people think Venetian blinds came from Venice, they did not in all reality. It was the Persians who first engineered the familiar slatted Blinds we all recognize today as Venetian window blinds.

The earliest known window blinds are derived from evidence of the ancient Chinese’. Window Blinds were created by binding bamboo together, and hanging them in windows and doorways to create some privacy. The Ancient Egyptians were also doing something as such with reeds.

Although today were satisfied with a rod and two drapes, in the past in order to show off ones success, families who could afford it always ensured to have windows blinds which included: sheer drapery, valance, cornice and sheer drapery panels.

What we now call Shower Curtain was once more aptly named the Bath Curtain.   As most bath tubs were free standing, they were outfitted with a pole attached to a circular rod above that held a curtain to allow the bather as much privacy as possible. The curtains ( a blinds type of coverings) were originally made of cloth which didn’t half soak up some dirty water.

John Hampson an American inventor was the first to patent the Tilt Mechanism found in nearly every hanging window blinds today.

If you check to see the earliest form of window blinds and treatment you'll find that it was made from animal hide. People who
lived in warmer areas would soak them in water and allow the wind to blow through the wet material acting as air conditioning.

Archaeologists found window blinds type in Pompeii's home showing how far back some of the earliest civilization were using such window coverings.

Early blinds were often made from plants making it affordable and available.

The rich had art put on their window blinds to show their wealth to others.

Art that was put on blinds by the Romans

Pompeii is on the right who was a big fan of Blinds

An old Window Blinds ad

Window Blinds manufactures and what to look for.

When it comes to window blinds you're going to find out there's many options and many window blinds companies that can offer different things with different aspects.

Bellow you will find information about window blinds manufactures and their links telling you more about themselves.

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