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Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas

In todays world, with so many styles of window blinds and shades to choose from, finding the right one isn't always a quick open and shut case.

Here, we've gathered our best advice to help you see your way through the process of finding window Blinds and Shutters for your Las Vegas home.

Whether you're looking for style or privacy or maybe even both, it can be a formidable task to choose window blinds and shutters. After all windows are a great focal point in a room and blinds and shutters should be both stylish and functional. And there are many other options you need to think about.

How much am I willing to spend on my window blinds and shutters,

How much light should come through my window blinds,

How much time and effort you're willing to spend cleaning these new blinds, Do I go formal or casual with my window blinds.

So as you can see there are so many things to think about and it doesn't help that living in Las Vegas means we have sun light 340 days a year. And on top of all that we all know that Las Vegas is a trend setter so buying window Blinds and shutters for your Las Vegas home means you have the need of being different from everything you've seen so far.

So now you ask what's the good news about all this? The good news is that SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas can get you just about any color you're hopping for with the quality that will be up to your standards so when you finally decide on what window Blinds and Shutters make your home or room amazing you want have to do this for along time. Will take all the time you need to make your choice will even show you every Shutter and Blind sample we can, will even help you color match the room but once you've done all that now sit back and relax because it's our turn to take all that vision of yours and make it happen.


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At Sunoff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas we custom cut every window blind and solar screen job to perfection.

Our latest in new cutting innovation techniques allow us to cut within one millimeter of size. Making your Blinds look as if the window was cut for the blinds and solar screen and not the other way around

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When choosing to go solar screens for your home in Las Vegas you should also think about all your options as well. What percent of shade do I want? What color should I go with? Is there any difference from one company to another? So we posted a video for you that will deliver great information about solar screens as well as some new knowledge for you to consider.

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Sunoff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas prides itself with our customer service, Installation, warranty and low prices on all our products, so when we where notified that our company was awarded the 2020 Service Provider Award we just felt like everything feel into place.

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SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas offers expert advice when it comes to Window Blinds. We know there is more to custom Window Blinds than meets the eye, for our Blinds company it's about providing the best service and solutions. Whether you're looking for that custom look, energy efficiency, style, or just your everyday functional Blinds, our Las Vegas designers will work with you to ensure your blinds, shutters & Solar Screens will enhance your home and windows.

When you are ready to shop for window Blinds, visit our Gallery where you can view working samples of some of the latest window Blinds, Shutters and Solar Screens. Feel confident in knowing that the Window Blinds you want will work perfectly in your space with a complimentary In Home visit from one of our accomplished designers. They will measure your windows, make recommendations based on all your needs and desires, show you all your options and styles, and then write an estimate on the spot so you will know how much you're looking at for your new amazing Window Blinds. With a full line of window coverings, including hardwood and composite shutters, wood and faux wood blinds, honeycomb shades, Romans Blinds, woven woods, roller shades, aluminum blinds, and the most amazing vertical blinds in Las Vegas.

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With Sunoff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas you will always be able to buy the latest products on the market. And with our factory volume buying power you can get it for less as well as a twenty-five year limited warranty against all factory defects already included at no extra charge.

1. We stand behind our work beyond expectations.
2. We are a locally owned Las Vegas Blinds business, not an out of state company.
3. When you hire us to do your Blinds you will get a personal phone number that goes directly to our service manager who will always stay on top of what ever your needs are. From status of your order to the timing of the install.
4. We are the only Blinds company in Las Vegas to get the TOP 100 DIAMOND AWARD AND A FIVE DIAMOND RATING at the same time.
5. SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas is a licensed Nevada company who does business under our own licensing and does not work under another Las Vegas Blinds license. We are truly licensed to do work in Nevada.  Our Las Vegas Blinds License # 2001856-044-101
6. Our Las Vegas Blinds service manager is always available for all our clients needs. And has been with us from the beginning.
7. 80% of our customers have been referred by other Blinds and Solar Screens customers. Very proud of that. 

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At SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas we understand that when you've decided to go solar screens you've decided that you had enough of the sun eating up your money with the power bills. The investment of going for solar screens in Las Vegas is a financial one. You're spending more money up front but you want this to pan out with your future power bills and that's why going high quality on solar screens in important.

A good Solar Screen should have a blockage of 80% to 90% depending on how much light you want to let through the solar screens. Solar Screens can also provides UV Protection for your Drapes, Furniture, Blinds, Floors Paintings and other valuables. One of the best recommended Solar Screens by SunOff is the SUNTEX Solar Screen name brand. It's reliable affordable and stands up to the heat of the Las Vegas summer, making it easy to suggest and endorse to all the SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas Customers. You should see considerable savings in your power bills when using a good solar screen company.


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At SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas we don't just sell any type of window blinds. We know that there's a huge difference in product needs when installing window blinds in Las Vegas. Our Las Vegas weather is not like most cities as we simply cannot just install any window blinds and expect them to be alright. Your Las Vegas blinds must be of great quality in order to make it through the summer months let alone a few years. Good quality window blinds must be able to resist sun damage as well as heat damage without submitting to the look that your going for. After all window blinds add character and pinpoint to your style. And that's why SunOff Blinds and Solar Screens of Las Vegas sells product like Blynco Window Blinds specifically made to last with quality in mind as well as an amazing look with hundreds of options. Name brands like this where made with quality in mind first as well as to deliver superior customer service with five year manufacturer warranty, We as a Las Vegas Blind company will never sell products that we don't feel would stand up to our customer demands and will always vow our devotion to deliver the best products with the best intentions to all our Las Vegas blinds customers

The Egyptians had the concept of window shades thousands of years ago, but the actual design of the Window Blind had come much later.

Edward Bevan patented the first window blind in England on December 11, 1769. Although, Edward patented the first Window Blind which was known as the horizontal blind (also known as Venetian blinds). the actual first window shade Blinds installation was recorded earlier in 1761 in St. Peters Church, Rome.

Window blinds and shades have been around for centuries due to there numerous benefits to society. As quality of life has increased so has the demand for window blinds and their uses.  Window coverings and shades were once used to allow fresh air and air ventilation throughout buildings and homes while also creating elegance and privacy to any open window.  Although, the purpose and functionality of blinds have not changed much over the years but style, materials, and color of the products have changed dramatically.

 Edward Bevan and his horizontal venetian window blind have been pioneers within the Window Industry. This once simple product has inspired many products such as the vertical blind, horizontal blind, roman shade, honeycomb blind, roller shade, solar screen shade, pleated shade, shutters and even motorized blinds. So as a civilized society we can appreciate the fact that in the year 2016 it will be 255 years since the first noted installation of the first window Blinds had occurred.   

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