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Top 5 Types of Window Blinds

Venetian Window Blinds

Venetian window blinds are the most common types of window blinds on the market. They work well in any room and just about any window style. Venetian blinds offer a unique style with horizontal slats positioned on top of each other and held in place by string. The slats are generally made of wood, plastic and even metal.

Mini Window Blinds

Mini blinds are a form of Venetian blind that offers a smaller slat. The smaller slats offer a gorgeous style for smaller windows, or larger windows that are close together. Mini blinds are the most commonly used style of window blinds used in the home and office.

Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical blinds are very similar to Venetian blinds. They offer a vertical pulling system instead of a horizontal system. The vertical design of the blinds reduces the amount of dust that collects on the slats when compared to Venetian blinds. The side closing system makes this system of blind ideal for large windows or patio doors that open on a slide.

Roller Window Blinds

Roller blinds offer an ideal solution to block light an any room. The blinds feature a one-piece design, generally constructed on a metal pole that operates by a side chain or spring mechanism. The design completely intercepts light from interring a room when closed, and lets all the light access when opened.

Wood and Faux Wood Window Blinds

Wood or faux wood blinds are mostly offered in Venetian style, although vertical style is sometimes used. The blinds are made with a cording system style like that allows the slats to close and open, and the blinds to be pulled together to fully show the window. Faux wood offer a less maintenance need than wood blinds and a stronger durability product as well.